Mohammad Akshar Maherally, Managing Director

First Class BSc (Hons) Econ, FCCA, MBA (Finance), ACA


Akshar reckons an enriching 20-year career at International Financial Services Limited (IFS), now Sanne Mauritius, the leading Fund and Corporate Service Provider in Mauritius.  As Director (Taxation and Client Services), Akshar built a strong record for advising clients on a wide range of structures, including investment funds, corporate / institutional vehicles and private wealth structures, on tax planning, corporate structuring and regulatory matters.  He also demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the day-to-day operations of such structures.

Akshar has set-up the IFS Tax Practice from scratch, and re-engineered the overall tax-related service offering of the firm, ranging from the set-up of a proper tax team, training of tax champions across the firm, creation of processes and controls to ensure client and firm risk mitigation, to devising tax review methodologies and generally broadening the service line. 

During his tenure at IFS, he also developed extensive technical expertise relevant to the global business industry, effective leadership talent, sharp business acumen, in addition to strong client relationship management and interpersonal skills. 

Prior to joining IFS, Akshar worked as Economic Analyst in the Economic Affairs and Fiscal Policies departments of the Ministry of Finance of Mauritius.  He speaks at various international conferences, workshops and seminars on corporate structuring and tax planning from a Mauritius domiciliation perspective.  He has also written a number of published articles on the subject. 

Akshar is actively involved at industry level to contribute on issues affecting the jurisdiction.  In addition to being technically sharp, Akshar is a perfectionist, passionate about business development and client relationship, and a strong supporter of first time right deliverables. 

Ashish Droowanand Bheekharry, Director

BSc (Hon) Econ & Finance, FCCA, MBA (Finance)


Ashish advises on tax planning, corporate structuring as well as handles the tax affairs of clients which include advisory services, compliance and providing tax litigation support.

Ashish has a decade of professional experience in the global business industry mainly acquired at one of the leading management companies in Mauritius where he was head of the tax department and was primarily responsible for handling the tax matters of clients covering tax compliance, structuring, advisory, tax litigation support and internal tax risk management. Prior to joining the tax department, Ashish was part of the operations team in the same management company where he was handling a portfolio of client companies which comprised private equity funds as well as other corporate structures and he has been exposed to the main areas of the global business industry including accounting, computing of NAV, company law matters, administration and corporate secretarial matters.

He has also been active at industry level on taxation issues impacting the Global Business sector.